Posted on by Lauren Scott

You may not be going for a job interview or a date, but you still need to consider your outfit when going to the gym. Why? You are going to a public place, as long as there are other people around, first impressions will be made. For a single person, the gym is a great place to meet a lady or a man and if you’re taken, keep up the appearances, you should look sharp at all times.

The trick is to get an outfit that is comfortable, makes you look and doesn’t sell you out for trying so hard. So, what should your gym clothes’ drawer contain?

Men’s Gym Outfits

Mesh Shorts and Tapered Sweatpants

These two are extremely comfortable and have a very casual vibe.  They are airy and ideal for extra sweaty gym sessions.

Wicking T-Shirts

Throw out your plain old tees and stock up on these. Not only do they not show sweat patches and control the workout stench, but they also define your muscles. They are practical and show others that you definitely are getting results.

Hooded Sweat Shirts

It is a chilled out and comfortable post workout piece. It completes the look. There is no way you can go wrong with a simple hoodie.


When it comes to footwear always think about the form and function. Remember that you’ll be active and on your feet a lot. So, they need to be comfortable and practical. Don’t choose a pair that is beautiful, but leaves you with blisters.

Women’s Gym Outfits

This is a vital decision for women. Activewear needs to be cute, practical to let you sweat in style. It’s one of the first steps to get you motivated to actually hit the gym. They range from crop tops, sports bras, tanks, hoodies, yoga leggings and tights. As a woman, you need to balance your outfit. It needs to be comfortable and no provocative; this will get you a lot of unwanted attention from the blokes. 

Sports Bras 

These are the basic and most important articles. The perfect sports bra limits breast movement and pain; it is available for every cup size. Paired with the underwear you won’t have to feel sticky after a workout. If you're not comfortable rocking a sports bra only, throw a loose singlet on top to complete your look. 

Tops and Singlets

Women have more of a variety to choose from. You can wear a sports bra by itself, a sweatshirt a t-shirt or a loose singlet. Just confirm with your gym’s rules; some of them disapprove of low cleavage, so keep this in mind when deciding what to wear.

Leggings and Tights

The main criterion is to get yoga leggings, gym tights and shorts that are light, comfortable and allow movement. You do not want to be stiff during Zumba. Every woman is different, some prefer biking style shorts while others find comfort in leggings. Wear what you find best.


Just like men, when picking shoes, the form and function are key principles. Be comfortable whether you are doing squats, jogging on the treadmill or weight lifting. Pair them with light socks that absorb sweat.

Once you are all stocked up, get ready to work up a sweat without any worries. Don't have any of these items in your wardrobe? No problem. Get Activewear stocks a wide range of exercise clothing for you to choose from. With our affordable prices, you can grab the perfect outfit for your next workout in no time.